Hi there! Let’s talk about late night cravings, shall we? Because when we get home from a long day at school or work, we typically forget about all our healthy habits and feel like treating ourselves, don’t we? In this post I will therefore give you seven tips on how to deal with those late night cravings. Let’s get into it.


1. Go to bed early

When we stay up late we will be tempted to snack, we all know that. So if you are looking for a way to cut back on the snacking, just go to bed early and you will wake up fresh and healthy, and with a happy tummy.


2. Eat enough during the day

To prevent getting hungry late at night, make sure you eat enough during the day. Definitely go crazy on fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are here to nourish our body so that we don’t even crave those unhealthy foods.


3. Don’t eat to feel better emotionally

Most of the time our late night cravings are not real hunger, but we are just “in the mood” to snack. Please don’t eat just because you feel bored or tired, we tend to go for crappy foods when we are in crappy moods. And let’s be honest, when did fast food ever make us feel better?


4. Do your body right

Maybe you feel like treating yourself after a long day at school or work. That is perfectly fine, but try to think of it as a treat for your body as well. What will your body be happiest with: apple slices with peanut butter or a bag of crisps? That is of course if you don’t finish the whole peanut butter jar all at once, I’ve been there.


5. Prepare for it

Sometimes we are so excited about our new health intentions that we think we will eat healthy 100% of the time without any setbacks. That is however not very realistic, so why not just prepare for it? All you need to do is make sure you always have something delicious and healthy at home to snack on.


6. Choose a healthy (homemade) snack

When you feel like snacking, try to go for the healthiest option you are in the mood for. There are so many healthy snacks to choose from, now more than ever. Follow your taste buds and enjoy that sweet or salty snack of yours.


7. When all previous tips fail…

If you desperately want to eat something that you know won’t be that good for you, but you can’t focus on anything else anymore, just get it over with and hop on the health train again tomorrow. Once in a while we need to indulge and as long as it doesn’t happen every single night, you will be fine.



I hoped you enjoyed these seven tips and if you would like some healthy snack ideas, you can always check out my chocolate bliss ball recipe or have apple slices with my homemade peanut butter. Please let me know in the comments down below or on my YouTube video if this video helped or inspired you, I would love to hear about it. And feel free to share some of your tips of course. Thank you so much for stopping by, I will see you next time!



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